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In the year 2009, Bitcoin started and it had changed the outlook towards currency completely. Slowly Bitcoin paved the everlasting passage for the contracts and currencies through blockchain. Ethereum network is leading in this race currently! ETH or Ethereum is having several advantages over Bitcoin and this is the reason that it is seen to get hold of the market lately.


Bitcoin is restricted to function as a digital currency only but lack to act properly when it comes to medium of exchange. Here in Ethereum you get the advantage where its technology permits the network to enjoy computer applications. Ethereum network enables the usage of the currency ether through various platform including some apps, contracts and trade. This has accelerated the usage of Ethereum for a number of in built apps. It also aids the noob to collect fund through coin offerings and hence making the Ethereum network an important one.

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Bitcoin had changed the outlook of common man towards digital currency since 2009. It also initiated the gateway for blockchain oriented currencies and projects but still Ethereum enjoys certain benefits over bitcoin. Ethereum has several qualities over Bitcoin.

Economical model

The economic model is completely different in between Ethereum and Bitcoin. Bitcoin rewards are allotted every four years whereas Ethereum is said to provide the same amount annually. The progression process is accelerated in Ethereum network due to same reason. Miners are more attracted towards Ethereum for the same reason as the economic model is fast than that of bitcoin.

Clear information

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name behind Bitcoin but he never revealed his identity to the world and it had affected the success rate of Bitcoin whereas Vitalik Buterin, the name behind Ethereum was always open to the world with the original identity. He started Ether in 2013 and due to his physical presence the government conflict and issues was resolved easily and so it had gained more trust than Bitcoin. Ethereum has a real face behind its identity and hence upholds more votes in information ground.

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Future prediction

Kraken had announced lately through his last report that the market is soon to face high volatility also known as suppressed pockets. It happens due to excessive price fluctuation. Soon it is expected that the market may get into high price fluctuation. The expected aggressive behaviour of bitcoin in the upcoming future can be seen. Ethereum is more liked here as the economic model permits it to get reward annually and hence users may decide easily when to buy and sell it.

Interconnection of bitcoin with the gold and stock market had weekend lately

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The stock market had witnessed major revised rates while measuring the correlation between bitcoin and stock. It is reduced a lot and stock has gone comparatively higher than bitcoin.

While talking about the other possible digital alternative, gold, bitcoin had also seen a great downfall in the comparison of gold whereas Ethereum had not faced these consequences lately.

Time taken to block

Ethereum is considered has the most efficient digital currency when it comes to block time. It takes the shortest block time and this duration is comparatively low while comparing it with bitcoin. Hence the transaction process is faster throughout its network and it can be done easily for several transactions at the time. Ethereum takes 15 seconds as the block time whereas bitcoin speed is around 10 minutes.

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Agreement process

POW or Proof of Work process is similar in both Ether and Bitcoin. Miners on the first level are generally awarded. Ethereum is shifting to POS or Proof of Sake process where users are provided with maximum benefits. A guarantee is provided through coin age, huge account balance and other ways so that blockchain can be easily created. It is economical, grabs less resource and above all sensible. An endless control from high to low over currency value is maintained. One who creates a new block earns separately. In Proof of Sake the one who intend to mint the coin is considered as forget.

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Ethereum is capturing the market and turning into the first preference of miners. Slowly it is expected that it will exceed Bitcoin if it continues to function in the above mentioned way.

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