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With the market going out due to the full world economy, which is closer to the recession, something known as a bitcoin is going huge. It has been more than ten years that the whole world market has faced a problem like this Pandemic. Hence, to a health problem with the coronavirus spreading, other benefits must be taken in point, such as For investors, especially. 

The first problem is: 

Americans are told to keep their house and business, which makes the employees working from home or anywhere at home, restaurants, theaters, and other industries are closing down fully. Enterprises are lying off or forcing the employees by the millions. 

There are so many problems with finances also. 

This COVID-19 Pandemic has pushed three huge U.S. The stock index goes into a bear market, dropping down to more than 20% from the middle of February and records high in a shorter time. 

In the United States of America, the government and the white house have tried to solve the outbreak, which is $2.2 trillion in a massive package, which has helped businesses and the daily life Americans go through a very rough time. 

But yet those tough times are not finished as yet. With the market inconsistent, the investors are searching for technology for answers. This is the reason why there is something which is called bitcoin is going for a big price explosion. 

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Why is Bitcoin going for a balance for a high price? 

With the economic problem going high because of the government trying to fight the battle against the coronavirus, the investors will continue to search at safety, such as gold, as the ways to go against the market downturn. 

The economic problems are going massive by having fights because of the virus. This comes up to debasement of cash,” said King, into blockchain and cryptocurrency, hence the editor of Automatic fortunes. 

“Bitcoin is far better to gold because it is easy to store, send and receive,” said the King. 

This is the reason why bitcoin is poised for a big price explosion.

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What are the three factors that the bitcoin price exploded to $9.4K?

Bitcoin price has gone up from $7,700 to $ 9,500 in one night, going high to 23% according to the market, which is much lesser than 24 hours.

Here are the three main factors that bitcoin has recently got a long record of sports exchange volume, and there is a breakout above the historical resistance level and rise, which we have seen in a demand.

  • The Spot Exchange got bitcoin to $9,500, which is currently not the futures market: In crypto, the word spot exchange comes from a website that provides government to crypto trades. For instance, Binance and Coinbase people can exchange bitcoin with USD or Stable coins such as Tether (USDT) without any purchases. 

The stacks are coming from the spot exchange that is not getting blown up by purchasing or borrowing any capital. Spot Volumes are demonstrated natural retail demand, and they sometimes get high during an accumulation time. 

No like the past rallies, nowadays, bitcoin is on the spot volumes. 

  • Historical BTC levels were into tiny pieces with control: 

According to cryptocurrency trades are called Benjamin Blunts, a bitcoin’s price all broke into a vast historical level with $8,000 first. 

During the 100 days and 200 days every day, the moving average (DMA) and the 0.618 Fibonacci the retracement level were all broken. 

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  • Institutional demand played a safety net:

During the first half of 2020, the main person is around bitcoin as the bitcoin manager by the institutional investors

Grayscale’s half report, who operates the bitcoin, said that 88% of the savings came from the institutions. During the same time, the money under Grayscale Bitcoin’s trust management just got up to $3 billion, which is accordingly by the CEO, whose name is Barry Silbert.


The King said that technology creates a digital book to store and handle all the information. I hope you have got the reason why bitcoin’s price is going high. So please be patient and let’s wait until this corona virus goies so that everything can come back to normal.

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